Is Your Child on Track?

1 - 3 Months

-Lifts head briefly

-Reacts to sudden movement or noise

-Makes cooing sounds

-Follows objects with eyes

-Smiles when played with

-Grasps small objects

3 - 6 Months

-Lifts head and chest briefly

-Rolls over

-Reaches for and holds objects

-Knows familiar objects and people

-Makes babblings sounds such as "ee" and "uh"

-Laughs and chuckles

-Turns head toward sounds

6 - 9 Months

-Sits alone when placed in a sitting position

-Rolls from tummy to back and from back to tummy

-Creeps while on tummy

-Feeds self a cracker

-Passed objects from one hand to the other

-Makes sounds such as "bab" or "didi"

-Uses crying to show needs

-Knows strangers from family

-Begins to play simple games such as "peek-a-boo"

9 - 12 Months

-Pulls self to a sitting or standing position

-Creeps or crawls

-Pick things up with thumb and forefinger

-Understands simple words

-Knows own name

-Pays attention to simple commands

-Copies sounds and words

12 - 15 Months

-Walks alone

-Turns pages of a book

-Builds and stacks

-Says two or more words

-Understands more words

-Plays alone and with others

-Feeds self with a spoon 

-Lifts a cup with two hands

15 - 18 Months

-Walk upstairs with help

-Throws a ball without falling


-Imitate simple words

-Points to objects

-Imitate simple actions

-Asks for help

-Push and pull toys

18 - 24 Months

-Begins to run

-Climbs stairs

-Complete simple "shapes" puzzles

-Begins to combine words

-Recognizes self in the mirror

-Enjoys moving to music

-Plays for long periods of time

24 - 30 Months

-Jumps, runs, kicks a ball, walks up and down stairs

-Turns pages one at a time

-Helps with getting self dressed

-Feeds self well with a spoon

-Speaks in short sentences

-Names objects in books

-Knows some colors

-Points to body parts

-Plays with other children

30 - 36 Months

-Walks upstairs alternating feet

-Puts shoes on

-Brushes teeth with help

-Says first and last name

-Knows difference between "big" or "little, "boy" or "girl"

-Asks to use the potty

-Participates in pretend play